turnkey opportunity

The King Jane CBD Turnkey Opportunity is the path for you to run your own retail operation. We have developed a complete blueprint for you. In other words, all you need to do – with our assistance – is to find an appropriate site, oversee a buildout and manage the daily operations of the store.

Most importantly, you can open your own store in less than 60 days!

King Jane CBD Store
King Jane CBD Store

The King Jane blueprint includes


We provide a timeline with the necessary steps to get you from aspiring business owner to store proprietor.

REAL estate

We will help you in developing a plan to identify a store site, procure a lease on the right property, and build out the store.


We provide franchisee training and support the franchisee in their selling, advertising, technology, store presentation, digital and other operational concerns. Our operating manual details our approach to each issue concerning in-store operations.


We provide all necessary marketing materials and tools.


Our technology team will set up a store-specific King Jane website as well as social media accounts to help you promote your business.


A superior product line has been developed. You simply order from us using our proprietary fulfillment software.

Customer Service

Our success depends on the success of our franchisees. As such, our highest priority is being a trusted and enthusiastic collaborator in making each and every store a success.

Why King Jane CBD?

Premier Products

Distinctive Store Design

Dedicated Franchise Website

Wholesale Pricing at 50% MSPR

Exceptional Franchise Support

Highly Competitive Retail Pricing

No initial Franchise Fee

Only a 3% Royalty Fee

King Jane Commitment to Brand Building

Ongoing Franchise Training